I was Shocked after reading the book of Ezra!

Do you know what the children of Isreal had to do to get back in right standing with God? In the book of Ezra, the Isrealite men married women who God told them not to marry because they worshipped other gods. God wanted his people to be holy and not intermingle with people who worshipped false gods because they could be led astray. Guess who disobeyed the most in this area? The priests. They acted as if what God told them not to do didnt matter, but boy were they wrong. Ezra had the hard tasks of telling the people that they sinned. It wasnt an easy task with the Isrealites because they were a “stiffnecked” people aka stubborn. What shocked me was that God told them that they had to put those wives away…along with their children! Woah woah woah Lord thats a bit too much! But He specifically told them not to do it! I believe this was a foreshadowing of judgement day. People will be thrown into hell for their sins. It sounds harsh now…but we have the opportunity to receive Christ and obey! Right now! He is a holy God of order. I’d rather do what He says before hand so I won’t have to suffer harsh consequences later…

Kudos to Them!

We all know relationships are hard work all by themselves. Add scandals to the mix and you’ve got major problems. One thing that Ive come to learn is that there isn’t a problem in life that us humans cannot overcome. With the help of God we can overcome any hurdle in life. Im not saying that its wrong to not want to try anymore because we absolutely have freedom of choice…but most of us miss out on the beauty that awaits us on the other side. The other side of forgiveness and reconciliation. Its not easy but divine help is waiting on us to seek it out! Ask….seek…find! God bless!

This show Says a lot!

The first time I saw this show I was captivated. Yes, Marlon Wayans is a funny guy but that isn’t the reason why. See, the concept of the show is a divorced couple that remains cordial to each other and are friends. But the Ex husband (Marlon Wayans) oversteps his boundaries by acting as if they are still married. He goes out to events with his ex wife and kids. He even has a key to the house that she lives in with the kids. She comes home from work and there he is sleeping on the couch lol. This shows me that he still wants his wife and family. He likes the feeling of family but he also likes to be single. I said to myself is this what some people feel? They want the family life, without it’s responsibilities. It also showed me that divorce papers don’t really mean that much. I believe that the marriage covenant was not meant to be broken and that a husband and wife’s vow is still in effect til death. God bless!

God Reunited me with my Husband for a Reason

Believe it or not Marriages have purpose. Two different beings are brought together to compliment each other. God’s will is that both parties would come into the knowledge of Him and have a relationship with Him. The two becomes one by making each other better, or at least that should be the outcome. This is the main reason marriages are not easy because change, growth and maturity is hard. When a spouse sees something wrong in the other, their hearts desire is for them to get it right (if they have the right perspective). If the other person is stubborn and doesn’t want to change this can cause strain on the marriage. Being connected and dependent on God allows for God to do the hard part. That is changing the person, the heart, the inner man. We alone cannot change anyone but with God’ s help all things are possible. Me being reunited with my husband has brought me to a close relationship with the Lord because I have to depend on the Lord so much. There are areas that are still being worked on in my marriage and there is no way I could handle things on my own. I definitely need devine help lol. But God has proven himself to be faithful to me. I am in love with Him like never before. That’s why I believe we were reunited, so that I could be more like Christ in character. He was so dependent on the Father while on earth. His loyalty and love was to the Father and this is the relationship we should all strive for. God bless!!

All God wants is a Relationship

Often times we over complicate things in life. When we complicate things it leads to stress. Simplifying things leads to less or no stress. When we make our relationship with the Lord priority we have less stress in our lives. It amazes me that God simply wants a Relationship with us; our company, our time, our loyalty to Him. Even reading the Word of God (bible) becomes simple and easy, the more we are in fellowship with Him. Abraham in the bible was simply a friend of God. “Our God, did you not drive out the inhabitants of this land before your people Israel and give it forever to the descendants of Abraham your friend? 2 Chronicles 20:7. Simply being a friend of God will cause God to do great things for you! I am a friend of God, He called me friend!