God Reunited me with my Husband for a Reason

Believe it or not Marriages have purpose. Two different beings are brought together to compliment each other. God’s will is that both parties would come into the knowledge of Him and have a relationship with Him. The two becomes one by making each other better, or at least that should be the outcome. This is the main reason marriages are not easy because change, growth and maturity is hard. When a spouse sees something wrong in the other, their hearts desire is for them to get it right (if they have the right perspective). If the other person is stubborn and doesn’t want to change this can cause strain on the marriage. Being connected and dependent on God allows for God to do the hard part. That is changing the person, the heart, the inner man. We alone cannot change anyone but with God’ s help all things are possible. Me being reunited with my husband has brought me to a close relationship with the Lord because I have to depend on the Lord so much. There are areas that are still being worked on in my marriage and there is no way I could handle things on my own. I definitely need devine help lol. But God has proven himself to be faithful to me. I am in love with Him like never before. That’s why I believe we were reunited, so that I could be more like Christ in character. He was so dependent on the Father while on earth. His loyalty and love was to the Father and this is the relationship we should all strive for. God bless!!

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