This show Says a lot!

The first time I saw this show I was captivated. Yes, Marlon Wayans is a funny guy but that isn’t the reason why. See, the concept of the show is a divorced couple that remains cordial to each other and are friends. But the Ex husband (Marlon Wayans) oversteps his boundaries by acting as if they are still married. He goes out to events with his ex wife and kids. He even has a key to the house that she lives in with the kids. She comes home from work and there he is sleeping on the couch lol. This shows me that he still wants his wife and family. He likes the feeling of family but he also likes to be single. I said to myself is this what some people feel? They want the family life, without it’s responsibilities. It also showed me that divorce papers don’t really mean that much. I believe that the marriage covenant was not meant to be broken and that a husband and wife’s vow is still in effect til death. God bless!

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