I was Shocked after reading the book of Ezra!

Do you know what the children of Isreal had to do to get back in right standing with God? In the book of Ezra, the Isrealite men married women who God told them not to marry because they worshipped other gods. God wanted his people to be holy and not intermingle with people who worshipped false gods because they could be led astray. Guess who disobeyed the most in this area? The priests. They acted as if what God told them not to do didnt matter, but boy were they wrong. Ezra had the hard tasks of telling the people that they sinned. It wasnt an easy task with the Isrealites because they were a “stiffnecked” people aka stubborn. What shocked me was that God told them that they had to put those wives away…along with their children! Woah woah woah Lord thats a bit too much! But He specifically told them not to do it! I believe this was a foreshadowing of judgement day. People will be thrown into hell for their sins. It sounds harsh now…but we have the opportunity to receive Christ and obey! Right now! He is a holy God of order. I’d rather do what He says before hand so I won’t have to suffer harsh consequences later…

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